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Ontrack360 is a state-of-the-art Workflow and Compliance application that allows you Manage your Field Assets whatever they are and wherever you are.

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A Field Asset is any location or structure outside your office where you are a stakeholder. It could be an oil well or a stair well, a poster site or a building site.

Field Asset Management is the gathering of the information that you need to oversee projects, manage your team and ensure compliance.

With Ontrack360, you are always in control of your assets and you have the reassurance of a 360 view of what’s happening on your projects.

Ontrack360 will give you a system to capture multi-media records, dated and located, of everything that happens at your field asset.

Using a four-step process, Ontrack360 will enable you to manage the work that happens around field assets and organise your operatives effectively and efficiently.

Meet the team

Arun Iyer, CTO

Arun holds a Masters in Computer Science. He has held senior positions at Intuition Publishing Ltd., Quantum Healthcare Informatics and Performance Business Systems

Ray Bulger, CEO

Ray is an engineer by training and worked for a range of companies in the computer industry, before founding Duolog in 1999 which was recently acquired by ARM.

Eoin Goulding, Director

Eoin is the founder and chief executive of Integrity360. He was a finalist in the 2015 EY Entrepreneurs of the Year Award.

Tim Healy, Director

Tim has worked in marketing services for many years and is chief executive of Mercator Marketing Research which he founded in 1996.